BeA S125-569 18 Gauge Headless Pinner

BeA S125-569 18 Gauge Headless Pinner, 9/16" to 1"

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BeA S125-569 18 Gauge Headless Pinner for 9/16" to 1" Headless pins.


Industrial grade 18 gauge pinner. Well-balanced and powerful for prolonged use and extended service life.

  • made in Germany
  • full metal body and magazine
  • driven pin is virtually undetectable
  • integrated silencer
  • ergonomic design
  • low air consumption
  • one year limited warranty

PLEASE NOTE: this tool uses 18 gauge headless pins rather than 18 gauge brads. If you need help finding an 18 Gauge brad tool, let us know.

Stock # Length Finish
S114NK 9/16" Galvanized
S116NK 5/8" Galvanized
S119NK 3/4" Galvanized
S122NK 7/8" Galvanized
S125NK 1 Galvanized