A Style Carton Staples

Spotnails and BeA Brand A type Carton Staples. 1-3/8" Crown (Wide Crown) Copper Coated Carton Closing Staples. 

Interchangeable with: Bostitch F84, Acme DWS, ISM Klinch-Pak BeA CCC Fasco Kihlberg "A" Series, Spotnails CC34A CC58A and other 1-3/8" Crown Carton Closing Staples

For Use In Spotnails HSC3519A, KSC3519A; Fasco FA FM35-15/18, FM 35-18/18, FA 35-18/22BeA MT-A18, MT-A22, AT-A18, AT-A22Klinch-Pak KP-560PN, KP-APN, KP-560PN22, KP-APN22, KP-AM, KP-560M; Grex HDCS19-35, ADB19-35Bostitch T541202, T541302, T541402, T551212, T551312; CCC: HC-A, AC-A; ISM:  HB100T, AB100T; Kihlberg a.560M, a.560M22, a.560PN; Carton Closing Corporation (CCC) "Blue Line"; Container Corp. "Regular" series; Duo-Fast DF-FC6A, DF-PC6A, DFHC7A, DF-AC8A, Acme DWS, ISM "A" Series. 

Spotnails A Carton Staple

Spotnails Brand Staples

Stock # Length Finish
CC58A 5/8" Copper coated
CC34A 3/4" Copper coated
CC78A 7/8" Copper Coated

BeA Brand Staples

Stock # Length Finish
A 5/8 5/8" Copper coated
A 3/4 3/4" Copper coated
A 7/8 7/8" Copper Coated