20-22 Degree Straight Strip Nails

Straight Strip Nails for 20 Degree, 21 Degree, and 22 Degree Nail Guns. .113" .120" and .131" Diameter Available. Available in Stainless Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Galvanized, or Bright Finish. 

For Use In: Spotnails NPR90, YPR90; Grex SF9021HApach L-2190, AN-10021EFasco F58AC RHN20-90B, F58A RHN20-90B F5C RHN 20-83, F6 RHN 20-90, R5C RHN20-90; Senco SN60/65/65C, FramePro 502/600FRH, 650/602/651/652, 700XL, 750XL, GT90RFH, SN902/952XP, 702XP/752XP FRH; Duo-Fast SNP-83, CN350, CN-350B, CN-350B-SH, CN-137, NSP-350F; Porter Cable FR350; Paslode: 5325/SRH,  5350/SRH-20; Dewalt D51845, D51844, 51850; Jamerco JTNFHC-90; Max SN883/890RH, SN80/90/90A, GS683RH, GS683H-EX; Makita AN8300,  AN922/923; Bostitch N95RHN, N88RH-MCN2, N88RH/N86S, RN90, F21PL, KN85PP-1; Hausfeld: NS209000; Craftsman 18365; Unicatch UNS350PL; Hitachi NR83A, NR90AC, NR83A2, NR83A2S; Grip-Rite GRTRH350; Rigid R350CHA

Striaght Strip Nails

Spotnails Brand Nails

Stock # Length Finish Shank
2-8D113SSR 2 3/8" 304 Stainless Steel Ring
2-10D120SSR 3" 304 Stainless Steel Ring
2-12D120SSR 3 1/4" 304 Stainless Steel Ring
2-6D113 2" Bright Smooth
2-6D113R 2" Bright Ring
2-8D113S 2 3/8" Bright Screw
2-8D113R 2 3/8" Bright Ring
2-8D113 2 3/8" Bright Smooth
2-10D131 3" Bright Smooth
2-10D120 3" Bright Smooth
2-10D120S 3" Bright Screw
2-12D131 3 1/4" Bright Smooth
2-12D120 3 1/4" Bright Smooth
2-16D131 3 1/2" Bright Smooth
2-6D113RG 2" Electro Galvanized Ring
2-8D113RG 2 3/8" Electro Galvanized Ring
2-10D120RG 3" Electro Galvanized Ring
2-8D113RHDG 2 3/4" Hot Dipped Galvanized Ring
2-10D120RHDG 3" Hot Dipped Galvanized Ring
2-10D120HDG 3" Hot Dipped Galvanized Ring
2-12D120HDG 3 1/4" Hot Dipped Galvanized Smooth