Spotnails CWD113RHDG

Coil Nails .113 x 2-3/8" Hot Dipped Galvanized 15 Degree Wire Flat Coil Fencing Siding Ring Nails - Spotnails CW8D113RHDG (5,000)

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Spotnails CW8D113RHDG 2.375" x .131" 15 Degree Hot Dip Galvanized Flat Coil Bright Finished Ring Shank Siding Fencing Nails (5,000) 


Spot Nails CW8D113RHDG

For Use In:  Spotnails:  YCN83, NCN83; Senco: PalletPro 83 Coil Nailer, SCN65/60, SCN300, SCN33; Duo-Fast: CNW-75, DCN-325/85L; Bostitch: N75C-1/N89C-1, N100C, N100CPP,  N70C, N80C/CB, N86C; Porter: Coil 350; Hitachi: NV83A, NV83A2, NV65AB, NV5AC; Makita: AN901;  Max: CN70 to 2-3/4", Max CN80, CN80F to 3-1/4", CN100, CN890S to 3-1/2", CN890II, CN665, HN90; Fasco: R5CN15W-90A, F5CCN15W90, F5CCN15W75; Bea: T701, 900DC, 800DC

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