16S4 Style 16 Gauge Medium Crown 1-1/2" DIVERGENT Staples - Spotnails 7612DG

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Spotnails 7612DG 16 Gauge 1/2" Crown Divergent 1-1/2" Staples for Bostitch, Spotnails, and other 16 Gauge 1/2" Crown Staplers

Interchangeable with Bostitch 16S4, Prebena S, and Atro 16NC

Model: Spotnails 7612DG Divergent Point Staples

Type: Bostitch 16S4 Style

Length: 1-1/2"

Gauge: 16

Crown: 1/2"

Finish: Galvanized

Quantity: 10,000

For Use In:

Bostitch 750S4, 850S4, T5S4-1, T40S4-CT, T25-1, T36-50, 650S4, T50S4-1, 438S4, T38

Spotnails X1S76-8650, SX76-8650, MS76-8650I, HL7616A, HL7616AP, HL7616B, HL7616BP