Spotnails 67508

SB5019 Style 1/2" Staples - Spotnails 67508 (5,000)

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Spotnails 67508 Bostitch SB5019 Senco F Paslode PW50 1/2" Staples (100,000) for use in Senco, Bostitch, Paslode, Fasco, Sotnails and other SB5019 Staplers.


Spot Nails 67504

Compare to Senco F, Bostitch SB5019, ATRO 88, Paslode W50, and Prebena AK staples. 

For Use In: Spotnails DSP5019; Senco: DFP, J5, SFW10XP-F, SJS-F; SJ10-F; Bostitch: P50-5B, P51-5BE; Fasco: F1A SR5-16 F1B SR5-16

Model: Spotnails 67508 SB5019 Staples

Length: 1/2

Gauge: 20

Crown: 1/2"

Finish: Galvanized Steel

Quantity: 5,000

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