Spotnails 67506

SB5019 Style 3/8" Staples - Spotnails 67506 (100,000)

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Spotnails 67506 Bostitch SB5019 Senco F Paslode PW50 3/8" Staples (100,000)

Spot Nails 67506

Compare to Senco F, Bostitch SB5019, ATRO 88, Paslode W50, and Prebena AK staples. 

For Use In: Spotnails DSP5019; Senco: DFP, J5, SFW10XP-F, SJS-F; SJ10-F; Bostitch: P50-5B, P51-5BE; Fasco: F1A SR5-16 F1B SR5-16

Model: Spotnails 67504 SB5019 Staples

Type: Bostitch SB5019 Style

Length: 3/8"

Gauge: 20

Crown: 1/2"

Finish: Galvanized Steel

Quantity: 100,000 (20 Boxes)

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