N Series 16 Gauge Medium Crown DIVERGENT 1-1/4" Staples - Spotnails 6610DG (10,000)

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Spotnails 6610DG DIVERGENT 16 Gauge 7/16" Crown 1-1/4" Staples (10,000)


Interchangeable with Bostitch 16S5 Series, Senco N Wire Staples, Atro 100, BeA 16, Prebena L, Omer M2, Kihblerg 783 Hitachi N5008 16 Gauge 7/16″ Crown, Fasco, Max and Dewalt 16 Gauge 7/16″ Crown Staples.

10,000 per case
16 Gauge 7/16″ Crown Staples
1.25″ in Length

Applications: bridging, component assembly, non pressure treated fencing, sheathing, decking, cedar and shake shingles, sub-floor, aluminum and steel composition siding, pallet

For Use In: Bostitch Models
T55S5, T50S5, 650S5, 750S5, 438S5, 538S5, T40S5
Spotnails: XS6650, MS6650i X1S6650
Senco: M1, M2+, M2, SKS N12-N17, SNS45, SNS40, SNS41, SNS44XP, SNS45XP, SNS50
Hitachi: N5008AB, N5008AC, N5008AC2
Fasco: F4 PG-50, F45C G-55, R3 CG-40CT, R4 PG-50CT
Dewalt: D51430
Max TA551/16-11
BeA: 14/40-72314/40-770C14/50-785C

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6610 DG