Grex A11AD-LNS Long Nose Stapler

Grex A11AD-LNS - T50 & A11 Style LONG NOSE Light Wire Stapler

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Grex A11AD-LNS LONG NOSE Flat Wire Stapler for Arrow T50 and Rapid 11 Staples. 

For Use With: Arrow T-50 Staples, Duo-Fast A11, Senco H, Spotnails 85504, BeA A11, Rapid 11, Fasco EA11, BeA A11, and Kihlberg JK671 Staples. 

Suggested Applications: Upholstery, Carpet laying, Light wood assembly, Display and sign work, Luggage construction, Silk screen assembly, Home building applications, Applying drapery fabric to cornices, Box spring and mattress covers, Automotive interior, Installation of light trim moldings, Roofing paper

Spotnails Brand Staples

Stock # Length Type
85504 1/4" Galvanized
85505 5/16" Galvanized
85506SS 3/8" 304 Stainless Steel
86506 3/8" Galv. Divergent Point
85508 1/2" Galvanized
85509 9/16" Galvanized

BeA Brand Staples

Stock # Length Type
A11-6 1/4" Galvanized
A11-8 5/16" Galvanized
A11-10 3/8" Galvanized
A11-12 1/2" Galvanized