Bostitch 438S2R-1 Roofing Stapler

Bostitch 438S2R-1 16 Gauge Wide Crown Roofing Stapler

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Bostitch 438S2R-1 Stapler for Bostitch 16S2 Roofing Staples

For Use With: Bostitch 162S, BeA 145, Prebena WS, Atro 16WC, and Spotnails 1600PG


AntiJam magazine
Power control valve adjusts power by 30%
Aggressive wear guards and skid pads protect the tool from damage on abrasive surfaces
Nosepiece features carbide inserts for long-life performance
Molded rubber grip designed to last longer
Adjustable shingle guide for quick shingle spacing
Reduced height for stapling in tight areas

Spotnails Brand Staples

Item # Length Type
1605PG-10M 5/8"  Galvanized
1606PG-10M 3/4"  Galvanized
1607PG-10M 7/8"  Galvanized
1608PG-10M 1"  Galvanized
1610PG-10M 1-1/4"  Galvanized
1612PG-10M 1-1/2"  Galvanized
1614PG-10M 1-3/4'  Galvanized
1616PG-10M 2"  Galvanized
1620PG-5M 2-1/2"  Galvanized

BeA Brand Staples

Item # Length Type
145/16 NK HZ 5/8"  Galvanized
145/19 NK HZ 3/4"  Galvanized
145/22 NK HZ 7/8"  Galvanized
145/25 NK HZ 1"  Galvanized
145/32 NK HZ 1-1/4"  Galvanized
145/38 NK HZ 1-1/2"  Galvanized