BeA 92/25-553FC

BeA 92/25-553FC 92 Series (Bostitch SL5035 Style) Flare Stapler w/ Dial Adj.

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BeA 92/25-553FC 92 Series Dial Adjusted Flare Stapler. 18 Gauge 5/16" Crown Stapler.

For Use With: BeA 92 Series, Bostitch SL5035, Spotnails 5800PG, Kihlberg JK 664, Prebena H, and other 18 Gauge 5/16" Crown Staples


Flare tool: allows staples legs to be bent outward upon penetration. Simple Dial Adjustment of flare angle. Excellent holding power for bedding applications.

  • made in Germany
  • Dial for adjustable flare angle
  • full metal body and magazine
  • adjustable flare nose
  • integrated silencer
  • ergonomic design
  • low air consumption
  • compact design
  • one year limited warranty
Stock # Length Finish
5804PG-50M 1/2" Galvanized
5805PG-50m 5/8" Galvanized
5806PG-50M 3/4" Galvanized
5807PG-50M 7/8" Galvanized
5808PG-50M 1" Galvanized