BeA 145/32-178 Roofing Stapler
Roofing Stapler Nose

BeA 145/32-178 Bostitch style Wide Crown ROOFING Stapler

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BeA 145/32-178 ROOFING Stapler with Carbide Nose Inserts for Bostitch 16S2, BeA 140, Prebena WC, Atro 16WC, Spotnails 1600PG and other 16 Gauge 1" Crown Staples


Roofing stapler, with carbide tips on the work-contact for prolonged use and minimized service.

  • made in Germany
  • full-metal body and magazine
  • carbide inserts on work-contact
  • great sight lines for accurate fastener placement
  • one year limited warranty
Stock # Type Length Finish
1605PG-10M Heavy Wire Staples 5/8" Galvanized
1606PG-10M Heavy Wire Staples 3/4" Galvanized
1607PG-10M Heavy Wire Staples 7/8" Galvanized
1608PG-10M Heavy Wire Staples 1" Galvanized
1610PG-10M Heavy Wire Staples 1 1/4" Galvanized