Plastic Insertion Nails

Spotnails Brand Plastic Insertion Nails. 0 Degree Straight Coil Nails. Ring Nails and Smooth Shank Nails. Aluminum, Galvanized, and Bright Finish available. 

Interchangeable with Duo-Fast Plastic Insertion Nails

For Use In: Spotnails QCND65; Duo-Fast DCN-225, KDN-50A, RCN-60/70, CNP-60Y/65Y, RCN-60/225ADJ

Spotnails Plastic Insertion Nails

Spotnails Brand Nails

Stock # Length Finish Shank
CPD5.5D099AS 1 7/8" Aluminum Screw
CPD7D099S 2 1/4" Bright Screw
CPD5D092RG 1 3/4" Galvanized Ring
CPD5.5D092RG 1 7/8" Galvanized Ring
CPD5.5D092G 1 7/8" Galvanized Smooth
CPD7D099G 2 1/4" Galvanized Smooth
CPD7D099RG 2 1/4" Galvanized Ring