Paslode GSW16 Style Wide Crown Staples - 16 Gauge 15/16" Crown Staples

Spotnails Brand Paslode GSW16 Type Wide Crown Staples, 15/16" Crown 16 Gauge Staples. Galvanized and Stainless Steel. For Roofing and Flooring Applications. 

Interchangeable With Paslode GSW, Haubold BK, Prebena WT, Omer WK, and other 16 Gauge 15/16" Crown Staples

For Use In: Spotnails: XS2640, XS2650, X1S2640X1S2650Apach LU-2438.1Fasco: F3-PSW-38R, R3C PSW-38CT; Omer: WK.83; Paslode: S150-W16R, S200-W16, MU-112-W16R, 3150-W16, 3150-W16R; Other 15/16" Crown 16 Gauge Staplers

Paslode GSW16 Staples

Spotnails Brand Staples

Item # Length Type
2608PS-10M 1" Stainless Steel
2605PG-10M 5/8" Galvanized
2606PG-10M 3/4" Galvanized
2607PG-10M 7/8"  Galvanized
2608PG-10M 1"  Galvanized
2610PG-10M 1-1/4"  Galvanized
2612PG-10M 1-1/2"  Galvanized
2614PG-10M 1-3/4" Galvanized
2616PG-10M 2" Galvanized