Pallet Nails

Spotnails Brand Pallet Nails. 15 Degree .099 Diameter Chisel and Diamond Point Nails. Screw Nails and Ring Nails are available.

For Use In Spotnails ZCN70; Fasco: F45C CN15W-PS65 SA, F5 CN15W-65, R5 CN15W-65 F48AC CN15W-57 F58 CN15W-70Grex CN700CN90AApach CN-70E2CN-83E, CN-90LH, CN-100ECN-565SSenco PalletPro70/90, SCN45/56, SCN60/65/200/300/60XP; Duo-Fast CNW-75; Bostitch N63CP/64CP, N57C/70C/86C/100C, N70CB/80CB, N100CPP; Paslode P275C, P350C. F4250/65CP, 4275/CN70, 5325/CN80, F275C, F325C; Porter Cable Coil 250/350; Hitachi NV65AB/65AC/83A; Grip-Rite GRTCS250, GRTCN90P; Makita AN611, AN621; Max CN550S, CN70 to 2-3/4", CN80 to 3-1/4", CN80F, CN100, CN89011, CN565, CN890S

Spotnails Pallet Nails

Spotnails Brand Nails

Stock # Length Finish Shank Point
CW6D099BDS 2" Bright Screw Blunt Diamond
CW6D099BCS 2" Bright Screw Blunt Chisel
CW7D099BDS 2 1/4" Bright Screw Blunt Diamond
CW7D099BCS 2 1/4" Bright Screw Blunt Chisel
CW8D099R 2 3/8" Bright Ring Diamond
CW8D099BCS 2 3/8" Bright Screw Blunt Chisel
CW8D099BDS 2 1/2" Bright Screw Blunt Diamond