.113 to .131 Coil Nails

Spotnails Brand 15 Degree Wire Weld Coil Nails, .113, .120, and .131 Diameter Nails. Available as Ring Nails or Smooth Shank. Hot Dipped Galvanized, Galvanized, and Bright Finish Nails are Available. 

For use in: Spotnails YCN83, NCN83; Fasco F58 CN15W-70, F58C CN15W-80, R5CN15W-90A, F5CCN15W90, F5CCN15W75 Grex CN700, CN90AApach CN-70E2, CN-83E90LHCN-100E; Senco PalletPro 83 Coil Nailer, SCN65/60, SCN300, SCN33; Duo-Fast CNW-75, DCN-325/85L; Bostitch N75C-1/N89C-1, N100C, N100CPP,  N70C, N80C/CB, N86C; Porter Cable: Coil 350; Hitachi NV83A, NV83A2, NV65AB, NV5AC; Makita AN901;  Max CN70 to 2-3/4", Max CN80, CN80F to 3-1/4", CN100, CN890S to 3-1/2", CN890II, CN665, HN90; Bea T701, 900DC, 800DC

Spotnails Coil Nails

Spotnails Brand Nails

Stock # Length Finish Shank
CW8D113R-3.6M 2 3/8" Bright Ring
CW8D113-3.6M 2 3/8" Bright Smooth
CW10D120 3" Bright Smooth
CW10D131 3" Bright Smooth
CW10D120R 3" Bright Ring
CW10D120S 3" Bright Screw
CW12D131 3 1/4" Bright Smooth
CW12D120 3 1/4" Bright Smooth
CW12D120R 3 1/4" Bright Ring
CW12D120G 3 1/4" Galvanized Smooth