RR Style Roll Carton Staples

Spotnails and BeA Brand CCRR Style Roll Carton Closing Staples. 1-1/4" Crown Roll Carton Staples. Available in rolls of 1,000 and 5,000. 

Interchangeable with ISM RR, Kihlberg JK K-RR, Klinch-Pak K-RR, Fasco EIRR, Klinch-Pak K-RR1, and BeA RR1. 

For use in: Spotnails KSR3219R; BeA CT-IC-1819Fasco FA RR-15/18Klinch-Pak KP-RC-RR1, KP-RR1CCC RC1000; Kihlberg: R557PN, KP-RR1. Above staplers only use rolls of 1,000, a bench mounted tool is required for rolls of 5,000. 

Spotnails CCRR Staples

Spotnails Brand Staples

Stock # Length Finish
CCRR5-5/8 5/8" Copper coated
CCRR1-5/8 5/8" Copper coated
CCRR1-3/4 3/4" Copper coated
CCRR5-3/4 3/4" Copper coated

BeA Brand Staples

Stock # Length Finish
RR1 58 5/8" Copper coated
RR1 34 3/4" Copper coated