Bedding Clips

Spotnails and Encore Brand Bedding Clips (E Clips). Used to fasten wires together. Available as strips or large rolls. 

Interchangeable with Vertex and Hartco Clips. 

For Use In Encore, Hartco, and Vertex clip tools. If you need help identifying the right clip for your tool, give us a call or email and we can help. 

Spotnails Bedding Clips


Stock # Finish
CLIP312S Bright
CLIP26R Bright
CLIP33R Bright
CLIP33S Bright
CLIP36S Bright
CLIP34S Bright
CLIP24NS Bright
CLIP23S Bright
CLIP04S Bright
CLIP13R Bright
CLIP20S Bright
CLIP22S Bright
CLIP03S Bright
CLIP15SHDG Galvanized