Bostitch DS-3219 Carton Stapler

Bostitch DS-3219 Pneumatic Carton Closing Stapler

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Bostitch DS-3219 C Style (1-1/4" Crown) Pneumatic Carton Closing Stapler. 

For Use With: Standard style 1-1/4" crown carton closing staples.


Drives 5/8" and 3/4“ “C" crown staples to cover most applications
Easy load magazine designed for high production environments
Easy jam release designed to decrease downtime
Fast staple clinch, depth and length adjustment designed for ease of use
Full cycle actuation designed for maximum speed
Anti-gravity hanger ergonomically designed for faster production

Spotnails Brand Staples

Stock # Length Type
CC58C 5/8" Carton Closing
CC34C 3/4" Carton Closing

BeA Brand Staples

Stock # Length Type
C 5/8 5/8" Carton Closing
C 3/4 3/4" Carton Closing