Apach MS1619 Mattress Stapler

Apach MS1619 U-Crown Stapler, Double Shot

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Apach MS16169 U Crown Mattress Stapler. Double Shot Model.

For Use With: Bostitch BCS31, Spotnails 58012-2, BeA 150 Series and other U Crown Bedding Staples. 


  • Drives Staples into Hard-To-Reach Places
  • Such as Bottom of Coil Springs
  • Powerful and Quick Fastener Placement
  • for Increased Efficiency of Staple Placement
  • U-Crown Diversion Points Staples
  • Similar to Bostitch BSC31

Applications: Bedding, Spring-Up, Assembly

Stock # Length Type
58012-2 3/4" Galvanized


Stock # Length Type
150/19, Glue 3/4" Galvanized
150/19, Tape 3/4" Galvanized