Apach LU-G40LAC Stapler

Apach LU-G40LAC 18 Gauge Medium Crown Stapler, Senco M Style

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Apach LU-G40LAC 18 Gauge Medium Crown Senco M Style Stapler. For 3/8" Crown Staples. 

For Use With: Senco M Staples, 6800PG; Spotnails Duo-Fast W1800, Prebena G, Kihlberg JK782, and Omer SG44 Staples. 7/8" to 1-9/16" Length


  • Bottom load "jam-free" magazine
  • Ergonomic design
  • Well balanced
  • Low noise, low vibration
  • 360° Adjustable exhaust port
  • Quick release nose for easy clearing
  • Soft rubber comfort grip

APPLICATIONS: Furniture manufacturing, Drawers, Cabinet frame assembly, Case backs, General wood working and wood assembly

Stock # Length Type
6807PG-50M 7/8" Galvanized
6808PG-50M 1" Galvanized
6810PG-30M 1-1/4" Galvanized
6812PG-30M 1-1/2" Galvanized